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Horizon Admin Login Issue UAG Deployment

I have been going through the process of replacing the security servers on my homelab over the weekend with Universal Access gateways (UAG). The process has been fine and to be honest very straight forward.

There is no point me going though the install process as Carl Stalhood has a excellent walkthough on his blog

One issue that i did have after the installation and configuration of the UAG was access to my Horizon Admin Page /admin and /newadmin after the installation.As i dont access it local from the connection server, what i had forgotten was to do the following:

For each connection server create a text file named in “Location Where you have installed Horizon View”\Server\sslgateway\conf

Open or Create a file using a plain text editor.
Add this line:


Note: Ensure the file is not in .txt extension after saving.
Save and close the file.
Restart the VMware Horizon View Connection Server service.

Once this was done i could login to my Horizon Admin page, there is a Vmware KB article at

Horizon Composer Install on Windows 2016 (Rollback Issue)

Interesting one today, installing horizon composer on a windows 2016 virtual machine. All the usual checks done for the ODBC settings etc, however constantly getting a rollback error message. After digging around in the logs i spotted error 1603., which after a quick check though the VMware knowledge base i found the following article Seems its a well know issue with thankfully a quick fix.

Power Down the virtual machine in question

Edit the virtual machine and disable Secure boot

Install Composer

Once installed shut down the virtual machine again

Re-enable secure boot.


So far its working for me.