VMware vSphere 7.0 has been announced and released by VMware. This is a major release that VMware will roll out in Q1 and vSphere 7.0 shall be adopted fast as soon as all the backup and DR vendors update their software

One of the main things is that there is no longer a Windows vCenter options, so only VCSA from now on.

Some of the features useable straight out the door are:

  • Improved Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)
  • Assignable Hardware Framework
  • Advanced Dynamic DirectPath I/O
  • vSphere Lifecycle Manager
  • Greatly Improved vMotion
  • Advanced Security – implement multifactor authentication (MFA)
  • Precision clock for PTP support
  • Even more advanced Content Library
  • Essential Services for Modern Hybrid cloud

Here are the release notes from VMware