Sometimes we have a requirement to increase the size of the drives on the vCSA Appliance due to a need for extra space for logs or we have just increased the infrastructure and need to increase the DB sizing etc. To help identify the VMDK’S to there respective mount points I have listed below the there standard sizes.

Disk Size Purpose Mount Point
VMDK1 12GB / and Boot  / and Boot
VMDK2 1.8GB VCSA’s RPM packages Not Mounted
VMDK4 25GB Core  /storage/core
VMDK5 10GB Log  /storage/log
VMDK6 10GB DB  /storage/db
VMDK7 15GB DBLog  /storage/dblog
VMDK8 10GB Stats Events and Tasks  /storage/seat
VMDK9 1GB Net Dumper  /storage/netdump
VMDK10 10GB Auto Deploy  /storage/autodeploy
VMDK11 10GB Image Builder /storage/imagebuilder
VMDK12 100GB Update Manager  /storage/updatemgr

For example if we need to increase the storage for the logs volume, vCSA 6.5 will allow us to do this via a hot addition (so no downtime). We just need first increase the size of VMDK5 from say 10GB to 15GB using either the vSphere Web Client or PowerCLI. Once this is complete we need to do a resize on the volume, as we like PowerCLI we will do it using some of the CIS cmdlets by doing the following:

Connect-CisServer -Server -User administrator@vsphere.local -Password VMware123!
$diskResize = Get-CisService -Name ''

(I will be doing a post later to go over some of the checks we can do on the vCSA using the CIS cmdlets)